The Pateromichelakis family welcomes you to this website.

We are a rural family dwelling a beautiful and fertile valley near the

famous village of Loussakies in the Kissamos area (Prefecture of Chania).

At an altitude of 200 meters and 4 kilometres from the sea, our main

occupation has been for centuries the cultivation of olive trees and


Our products, which are cultivated under the guidance of agriculturist

experts and concern for the ecosystem and top quality, are:

Olive oil: we cultivate and exclusively produce top quality extra virgin

olive oil from our own long-lived trees of the Koroneiki olive variety.

Since 1937 we have been pressing the olive fruit (olives) at our own oil


Wine: at our own 40-hectare vineyards we produce excellent quality red

wine of the ‘Marouva’ type from the Romeiko grape variety which is an

ancient regional variety known for its rich scents, strong taste and top

quality natural sweetening.

The wine is kept in oak barrels to ferment in

perfect climatic conditions to be preserved to age with … time as an ally.

We have recently started a new 25-hectare vineyard of the merlot and

mavrotragano varieties, so in about 2 years time we will be able to

provide new wine varieties.

Tsikoudia: in our private modern distillery, we produce from the grape

skins of the Romeiko variety top quality tsikoudia free of wine residue.

Tsikoudia is controlled origin denomination product by the EU.

For more information please email us at info@pateromichelakis.info

or call at +302822023315

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